Lisa’s Blog

  • The Bee Cam is LIVE in the Honeybee Alley! View it at  I’m working with my son–in-law to get it up on this site along with the Twitter Feed that will accompany it. So many thanks to Dave Strenski of Solar Ypsi and Steve Pierce from Wireless Ypsi for making the Bee Cam happen! Last […]

  • Honeybees are so important to me. I lead the Local Honey Project. I keep bees at home. I advocate for honeybees. When I found out (the hard way) that Ypsilanti did not allow hives in the city, I worked hard to change that law. I’m proud to say, the vote to change it was unanimous! […]

  •   Beth & I had our union ceremony on our fifth anniversary together in 1993. It’d been tricky up til then to figure out an appropriate “anniversary” as a lesbian couple: should it be the first date? first kiss? first bouncy-bouncy? It was actually a pertinent motivation for us to have the ceremony — so we could […]

  • My project at the Ypsi Food Coop (The Local Honey Project) has had lots more impacts than just producing honey. Really, you could say that our LHP volunteers are our most valuable “product.” Our key volunteers learn to LOVE honeybees and then go out into our community and do great work to protect our important […]