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We all know I have tons of opinions…

  • Today, I get sworn into office. Specifically, I will be the City Council Representative for Ward 2, Ypsilanti Michigan. The meeting starts at 7 PM, City Hall. Pictures will be taken. I am taking office at a political point that has put at risk everything I have built and worked for. I do not exaggerate when I […]

  • Many of us are upset about the prospect of Trump as President.  I know I am.  There are a lot of questions to ask and a lot of blame to go around.  That said, the biggest problem this election pointed out to all of us is that we are not talking with each other enough. […]

  • On Wednesday, MLive (aka Ann Arbor News) ran an article titled Gay Ypsilanti Coucilwoman-elect “disappointed” with EMU Chick fil-A Plans.    I was approached by Tom Perkins, from MLive, about a month ago because he had read my blog posting about Chick fil-A and wanted to write this story. This article garnered 1639 comments (so far), a truly […]

  • Last week, I had a one on one interaction with a client who wanted to share his racist views with me and expected me to share them back.  This was at work where I meet and work with a broad range of the public, so not entirely surprising.  He started out making cracks about the […]