Welcome to The Bashert Website!

Our first (non-legal) wedding took place Sept 12, 1993, at our fifth anniversary. More than 20 years later and we are legally married with all the rights and responsibilities that are part of that status!


We are the Basherts and nothing gives us greater joy
than to share the mysteries we have uncovered in life!

We are as different (as are our many efforts and projects) as we are  similar in our love for each other, our family, friends, clients and community.


Ypsilanti has been our home base since 1990 and our town continues to inspire us!  We fell in love with it when we discovered our beautiful home and our Normal Park neighborhood. It has been the center of our universe for these many years and we have been blessed to share it and all our wonderful creations that have been produced within these amazing four walls.


As you wander through our site, you will begin to wonder how we have the time to have so many pursuits in life– a good question! –especially since our first grandchild has arrived. (See right!)


Those that know us have the answer to that puzzle, for others that are discovering the Basherts for the first time, please know that our thirst for knowledge is endless, and while we might not know all the answers we can guarantee our conversations will be interesting, lively and full of laughter as we swap stories.

Looking for the perfect person to help you out?  We have been bartering, time banking, and creating “Our Web” for many years. Check out our web of contacts and projects.


So… if any or our interests listed below peak your curiosity — call or email us as we would love to share them with you.


Have a topic not listed you would like to share? Contact Us. We have open ears and are ready for the next great unearthing of knowledge!


Cars, Honeybees, Barter, Permaculture, LGBT History & Culture, Making Wine & Charcuterie, Co-ops, Chants, Herbal Healing, The Local Honey Project, Hour Exchange, Ypsi Community News & Events….and in our spare time…we dabble a bit in Politics!



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